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Memphis International Airport

Memphis, Tennessee



Environmental Graphics

Graphic Enhancement Panel Sets

(Done by Labozan Associates team members while with Carter & Burgess, Inc.)

As part of improvements to Memphis International Airport, a feature element was designed utilizing numerous sets of glass panels to be placed within their recently renovated Terminal rotunda and concourse areas. These graphic elements were designed to celebrate the dynamic culture, and music history of the local area.

Image selection was coordinated with the Airport, local historians, and miscellaneous stakeholders. Brian Setser composed the collage artwork for all 11 panel sets, and coordinated with fabricators to have them digitally printed on specially textured translucent acrylic panels.

Each panel set was installed with a tensioned-cable suspension system in front of window areas with high passenger traffic. The panels are lit with ambient light during the day, and externally illuminated during nighttime hours.

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