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Florida Atlantic University: Recreation Center

Boca Raton, Florida



Wayfinding & Signage Design

Recreation Center Signage & Wayfinding Program

(Environmental Graphics: Labozan Associates – Superior, Colorado)

(Fabrication/Installation: Design Communications Orlando, Florida)

Florida Atlantic University was building a state of the art student recreation center on their campus in Boca Raton, Florida. FAU engaged Borrelli + Partners, Miami, FL to design the facility, and sought out Labozan Associates to design all interior signage.

An important prerequisite for the design of the building’s wayfinding signage was a graphic link to the University’s overall graphic standards. This needed to be accomplished in a manner that did not infringe on Athletic Department graphics, or other University departments. Additionally, the architecture and interior finishes of the building incorporated large volumes of space combined with angular building geometry.

Labozan Associates designed a family of signs that not only complimented the building’s design, but included an interpretive expression of FAU’s graphics and the facility’s architecture.

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