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Chicago Transit Authority

Chicago, Illinois



Wayfinding & Signage Design

Station Prototype Signage Retrofit

(Done by Labozan Associates team members while at Monigle Associates; Co-developed with Frankel Brand Environments/Concrete Design)

In the mid 1990’s, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) commissioned a full survey effort of all existing “L” train station signage, a new set of signage design standards and guidelines, as well as a prototype retrofit program. With 150 stations and 9 train lines, the data capture and subsequent recommendation efforts were significant.

During the timeframe of 1998 – 2001, Joe Labozan led the Frankel-Monigle Team in all research, station survey data collection and prototype recommendation efforts.

Although only the Green Line stations and Clark/Lake pilot site have been fully implemented to date, Joe Labozan’s leadership helped to successfully finalize all prototype recommendation packages and signage design efforts for the complete system.

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